Go Out and Do!

In my first year of launching Faces by Poppy..

I was employed in a marketing role by a recruitment firm Monday - Friday..

I launched Faces by Poppy and carried out Make Up appointments in the evening and weekends..

I launched POJO Creative my marketing company ..

and I launched the North Wales Young Business Awards.

🤔 Why....?

🤳🏽 I would go to bed scrolling through my Facebook and Instagram feed, sit there on my lunch break, watch other people achieve the things I wanted to and think.. I’d love to do that.

One day I’m going to do that...
How are other people doing those things and going those places and I’m not? 🤷🏽‍♀️

It’s simple really... they did the f***ing Work.

Thoughts are just thoughts.

It’s when thoughts turn into action is what really counts and makes a CHANGE.

Doing just one thing to contribute to make a change in the direction you want to achieve in, is key.

Whether it be:

➖ Go on a course and educate yourself on a topic 
➖ Speak to a contact who can help you and point you in the right direction 
➖ Ask for support from a relative, friend or colleague

⚠️ It all begins here. ⚠️

‘I’ll wait until next week or next year’ will never work.

Go out and DO. ‼️

That’s exactly the steps I took when launching Faces by Poppy, which 3.5 years down the line is continuously growing.

If you can relate, feel free to share any actions you took when achieving one of your goals whether it be career, health, life In the comments..

Poppy Johnson