Taking Downpayments

⚠️ It’s so important to take downpayments...

When I first started out in Make Up I didn’t take deposits/downpayments for 3 Years...🤷🏽‍♀️

When clients didn’t turn up, not only would it waste an hour of my time waiting for them to turn up but it also could of been filled by another client.

On average I would say about 10% of my clients would be no shows...😩

🤯 I got so angry, I had to change it.

This year I introduced downpayments...


£10 downpayment (deposit) to secure the appointment.

Because clients have to put their hand in their pocket, it’s a commitment.

This year I’ve noticed no shows going from 10% to 1% with a very rare case that I would have a no show after paying a deposit. âœ…✅✅

I now see that they message me first to cancel which is great as I’m not wasting time and have time to advertise the slot.

See how it works for you.

Poppy Johnson