⚠️ This new year its time to take flight..

You and I both know you don’t belong where you are right now, you don’t belong with some of the people you’re around right now, you’re being a chicken when you were born an eagle.

❓So now the question is, how long is it going to take to make the decision… to make the shift, and show some courage and character?❓

👉🏼Character is the ability to carry out a resolution long after the excitement of a moment has passed. 👈🏻

Are you going to say you’re going to do something, do it for 2 weeks and then quit, like you did last year? 🤷🏻‍♀️


You say you wanna lose weight..

Spend more time with family..

Offer a new service..

Become self employed…

Get your business off the ground..

& then turn around and party, sit in front of the telly, do nothing and continue to live BELOW the greatest person you were born to be?

You are in charge of your own destiny…

🦅 Be the eagle. x

Poppy Johnson