Ready for 2019?

💆🏽‍♀️ Mindset - You have to truly love why you do for it to become a success. ✨

☄️ Survival - Always look for ways to become a success, don’t stick to one thing. You need to become more than just a hairdresser, a make up artist, a stylist.

🤯What are you going to do when you realise you’re tired of just doing make up? Tired of just doing hair all day? 😴

It’s a way of survival to think beyond your current success. Never limit yourself to one topic. 🌎

Now I don’t mean go out and offer more services, (pick your speciality and do it well, I often find if you offer too many services - quality gets lost) ..

So how do you do that? 🤔 
By creating a personal brand so powerful that it transcends products and passion. Be the girl who just does. 👌🏽

Say you’re going to do something? Do it. ✅

Don’t wait around for it to happen for you, because it won’t. You have to make it happen.

The rock isn’t just a wrestler..💪🏽
Muhammad Ali isn’t just a boxer..👊🏼
Julie Andrews isn’t just an actress..🧑🏼

I am not just a make up artist....👄

Let’s go into 2019 with a clear mind ..

Any questions or thoughts? Pop them below. I’d love some interaction from you guys.

Poppy Johnson